Sophia Schoch-Wyzgowski

TCRG/Artistic Director

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Sophia Schoch-Wyzgowski, TCRG, started dancing at the age of 12. Her first teacher was Heather McElligott Sparks, TCRG, who was the first to set flame to her passion for Irish dance. When Heather moved out east she started dancing under two-time World Champion and lead Riverdancer Michael Patrick Gallagher, ADCRG. She then transferred to the Celtic Dance Academy where she started teaching and training under Sarah Allison Houghtelin, TCRG. Sarah and Sophia remain close friends to this day. In 2011 Sarah and Riverdancer Darren Maguire, ADCRG, decided to merge schools under the Maguire Academy of Irish Dance. Sophia taught and trained under them until 2012 when she made her journey to Michigan. She danced with the Goggin-Carroll School of Irish Dance until injury forced her into early retirement from competition.

Sophia brings with her years of experience in the Irish dance world, both competitively and professionally. She reached the Open Championship level and has traveled the nation winning numerous medals and trophies. She performed and co-directed, alongside Director and choreographer Sarah Allison Houghtelin, for An Irish Nutcracker, which continues to sell out year after year. She's had the honor of dancing on stages such as The Herberger and The Mesa Performing Arts Center. Sophia was also a member of the 007's which was a dance company that performed throughout the state of Arizona year round. In November of 2012 Sophia received her TCRG with the World Irish Dance Association (W.I.D.A) after successfully passing the exams.

Sophia has a deep passion for this beautiful form of dance. She has a drive for competition, but her heart truly lies on the performance stage. She is known for her intricate and whimsical choreography and highly entertaining performances. She has brought the production of An Irish Nutcracker to Michigan and hopes it will become as much a tradition here, as it was in Arizona.

Her goal is to inspire her dancers and fill them with the her same passion for dance. She strives to help them reach their goals by teaching the importance of hard work and discipline while maintaining good sportsmanship, teamwork and fun. She takes great pride in watching her dancers succeed in the dance studio and on stage.

" I don't think I'll ever stop dancing. Dance has become a huge and very important part of my life. I hope that one day all of my dancers will feel the same."